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Miguel Maestre - The Living Room

Teamed with Amanda Keller, Dr. Chris Brown and Barry Du Bois, The Living Room is a lifestyle show with a difference. Bringing together a mix of travel, extraordinary renovations and food to delight. The team share their experiences in ‘the living room’ with a live audience combining a blend of studio banter and beautifully crafted video segments.

Miguel Maestre - Miguel's Feasts

In Miguel’s Feasts, Miguel pursues his passion for creating beautiful cuisine around the world. On his travels, the irresistible chef meets the proud primary producers who are obsessed with quality, learns how to milk goats, makes cheese and digs up mud crabs. He also reveals the secrets of how to create everything from the perfect Portuguese tart to an unrivalled rice paper roll.

Miguel Maestre - Boys Weekend

Boys Weekend brings together four of the most entertaining chefs for a weekend of fun, food adventure and good times. Each episode of Boys Weekend is full of passion. A passion for living a passion for laughing and a passion for food. Masters of the kitchen, the food and drink flow freely, and with it the endless boasts challenges and tall stories.

Miguel Maestre - Miguel's Tropical Kitchen

Set against the stunning backdrop of tropical North Queensland Miguel Maestre, chef and one of the stars from Boys Weekend, charms his way through Queensland’s hot northern tropics cooking with many of the regions exotic ingredients in breathtaking locations.