Australian Wagyu Bresaola 80g



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Premium hand selected Australian Wagyu beef with a marble score of 6-7. Seasoned and air-dried for 6 months.

Rich and decadent, turn your cheese plate, charcuterie boards, mezze plates and salads into gourmet delights for all your guests. The Wagyu Bresaola is the best in our range – simply melts in your mouth.

1 review for Australian Wagyu Bresaola 80g

  1. gabriele montanari

    i love this type of bresaola .. and i consider very good quality but is really unfair to pay the price for a wagyu bresaola and inside have half wagyu and half normal bresaola .. third time i am finding that this bresaola i am getting is not 100% wagyu but a mix and don’t think is correct and fair
    every time i buy between 8 and 10 package and is really annoying to find later that is not all wagyu .. don’t thinks makes any difference where i am buying (woolworths) but most important is the content .. thanks

    • Sascha Maestre

      Dear Gabriele
      Thank you so much for letting us know and i we apologise sincerely that you think this has happened. We have recently changed manufacturers with the new stock coming onto shelves this week.
      Kind regards

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