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Miguel Maestre
Miguel Maestre Paella a la Maestre
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Having worked for many years in various kitchens around the world, Miguel Maestre is one talented Spaniard who has made Sydney his home. Born in Murcia in the south of Spain, his love for food was pre-determined from a young age. Miguel’s passion for food and life is infectious, and he has developed a talent for incorporating Spanish ingredients and cooking styles into his Australian menus.

Miguel Maestre
Miguel Maestre



Miguel Maestre - Cookbooks


Fresh Spanish Cooking with easy steps & ingredients

Miguel Maestre - The Living Room

The Living Room

Watch Miguel with Amanda Keller, Dr. Chris Brown and Barry Du Bois on The Living Room.

Miguel Maestre - Maestre Family Food

Maestre Enterprises

Miguels dream has always been for every Australian family to cook Spanish food. So he has created the following products for you to enjoy at home.

A Selection Of


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